Almeida Junior malls launch first 100% virtual fashion week

Aware of world trends and the changes that have occurred in the last few months, the fashion week at Almeida Junior Malls will be a little different from the traditional one. It is important to be flexible and innovative. Starting this week, the public will be able to contemplate 100% virtual content about fashion and style, with Trend Week.

Intermediated by Journalist Rejane Gambin and Image and Style Consultant Thay Ranghetti, this first edition will address the main fall/winter trends, such as: white shirt, hot pants shorts, draped, 70s, lace and sequins, pencil skirt, trench coat and underwear.   At the end of each episode, we have the special participation of Fashion Trends Specialist, Mariáh Cidral, who speaks directly from Paris – France.

The episodes will be broadcast starting next Wednesday, 5/27, and will run until Thursday, 6/3. There will be 8 episodes that will be posted daily at 7 pm on Instagram (IGTV) of Balneário, Continente, Garten, Nações, Norte and Neumarkt Shopping.

The models are from Gas Models and the makeup and hair produced by Jack Simonéia. The project is signed by the fillmakers Kacio Lira and Ariadne Santos.


What: Trend Week

Where: Instagram of Balneário, Continente, Garten, Nações, Norte and Neumarkt Shopping.

When: daily from Wednesday (5/27/20) to Thursday 6/3/20.

Did you know all Almeida Junior malls have a “Family Area”?

All Almeida Junior malls believe in promoting the well-being and comfort of their visitors. Amongst the areas available in the 6 malls that are part of our chain, we highlight the “Family Area”: it is indeed special because it has that touch of home warmth. It contains baby changing stations, an area for feeding babies and infants, a family restroom, as well as a toy library and a resting area.


The main goal of those areas is to meet the needs of the families, especially those with small children that require diaper changing or a place to breastfeed or to heat up baby food. For your convenience, those environments were carefully designed, with attention to each detail, including lighting and ambiance (with pleasant colors). Some restrooms are exclusively for disabled people and others are specially designed for children (with children dimensions).



For women carrying infants, our infrastructure is ideal: it gives them comfort and tranquility while breastfeeding. There are individual cabins with armchairs to provide privacy at this precious moment. For bigger children, there are special children chairs for eating. And there are also baby changing stations with individual baby changing tables and extra sinks for hygiene.


We did not forget other accompanying members of the family or friends, who can enjoy our resting areas while the children play in the toys library which provide children tables and chairs so that they can read books, play and color.


Health innovation: Norte Shopping offers a Health Hub

Norte Shopping in Blumenau is the first company in the Almeida Junior chain to offer its customers a health-oriented hub. The Health Hub was launched in 2019 and houses a medical laboratory and diagnostic imaging center.


The services are provided by Ecomax Diagnostico por Imagem and Hemos Laboratório Médico, both of which are specialized and recognized for excellence in health. The purpose of creating the hub is to meet the needs of those who need assistance and want to use other mall services. In this model, the place becomes an integrated and benchmark environment for the inhabitants of the Itajaí valley, which connects them with medical centers and/or excellence laboratories.




The Health Hub has an area of 1,400 square meters and is located in the parking lot in the basement. In addition to comfort, the common room offers convenience and security, in line with the current trend in large cities, to install cutting-edge medical service units inside shopping centers.


Health reference

Hemos Laboratório Médico has 19 years of experience and currently offers laboratory tests on site and is ready to serve an audience of more than 100 customers per day.


Ecomax Diagnóstico por Imagem was born in 1995 and is recognized in the city for its experience and technology in diagnostic exams. Magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, ultrasound, mammography, bone densitometry and X-rays are available on site.