Almeida Junior launches AJFans, the SuperApp for the company’s shopping malls

Services such as paying for parking and purchasing movie tickets will be available via the app from this Friday.


Attentive to the best consumer experiences, Almeida Junior has just launched AJFans, the SuperApp with services for the public of the company’s six shopping malls. The application is now available for download on Android and iOS systems and, as of this Friday, the 19th, it will provide facilities such as: payment for parking and the purchase of movie tickets through the SuperApp, interaction with stores and information about shopping malls, events and other news.

“We continue to further increase the offer of the best experiences for consumers. We are looking for solutions to structure a true phygital ecosystem, based on data and customer-oriented”, says the company’s CEO, Jaimes Almeida Junior. AJFans is a SuperApp developed internally by Almeida Junior’s innovation and technology center whose purpose is to bring more and more news and experiences to more than 7 million people who visit the company’s shopping malls every four months.

The AJFans SuperApp starts operating in the six Almeida Junior shopping malls in Santa Catarina: Continente Shopping, Balneário Shopping, Garten Shopping, Nações Shopping, Neumarkt Shopping and Norte Shopping. By accessing the new application, consumers can choose the shopping mall of their choice and find all the stores in that unit and their contact channels, such as messaging apps (WhatsApp and Telegram), delivery apps (Ifood and 99Food, for example) and social networks (Instagram, Tik Tok, among others).

The next step will be the launch later this year of the Almeida Junior Rewards Program, which will have AJFans as its main tool with promotions and offers of exclusive experiences created from the wide customer base and data originated in the company’s ecosystem. “App-based promotions and rewards, generating direct benefits for customers based on their shopping journeys, are examples of products developed from this new technological blueprint developed in-house”, adds Almeida Junior’s marketing and relations director, Monique Campos.

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