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Almeida Junior promotes experiences that invite the public to “live for real”

Manifesto will guide the actions of the six malls of the group throughout the year

Living for real means living it up, living your time to the fullest, living with intensity the moments of leisure with family and friends or even alone. And it is to invite the public to “live for real” that Almeida Junior, the largest network of shopping centers in the south of the country, has just launched a manifesto that will guide actions for the six malls of the group throughout this year. The campaign is multiplatform and will be prominently present on television and social networks. A great production of Almeida Junior, with images that promote the union of the beauties of Santa Catarina with the best of the group’s malls, as true equipment for leisure, fun and culture.

It is an invitation for Almeida Junior to occupy more and more the role of protagonist in the life of Santa Catarina in the most diverse areas, such as fashion, gastronomy, culture, shopping and leisure. And more than being present in the lives of Santa Catarina for this, Almeida Junior wants to provoke people to live for real, enjoy, have fun, give themselves to new experiences and sensations, gather family, friends, people they love, to actually live for real.

The first actions of the campaign “Live for real” will focus on Mother’s Day, now in May, but the group already has several actions scheduled to be promoted throughout the year, to make all customers of Almeida Junior malls live for real every moment, be accompanied by the people they love or be alone in a moment of leisure.

In 2022, the group focused on the mindset brought on by the post-pandemic period, where there was a great desire from people to get out of their homes and enjoy life. All the research indicated the appreciation of human contact to enjoy every moment and live the now more than ever. Within this reasoning and context, the concept “Live what there is to live” was born. In 2023, after the euphoria of the return to free movement, the consumer is demanding more from face-to-face consumer experiences  and the phygital, a term used to refer to the union of the words physical and digital in business is increasingly consolidated.

Therefore, the House of Almeida Junior thought the campaign on two fronts. First, valuing the mall for enhanced consumer experiences, as well as living in it as an environment of leisure, convenience and gastronomy. Second, reinforce and further enhance AJFans, Almeida Junior’s application and relationship program, focusing on offering alternatives in the omnichannel and improving shopping experiences.

“If in 2022 we proposed to people: “live what there is to live”, in 2023 we will say that living these moments has to be for real. Live now, and not in the future, since the present is a true present. It is an approach that adds to the old concept the following connotation: if you are going to live this experience, make the most of it,” explains the director of Marketing and Relationship at Almeida Junior, Rafael Fiedler.