Environmental Social Governance

Concerned with providing a more sustainable and inclusive lifestyle for future generations, the Almeida Junior group is committed to carrying out sustainable, social and governance actions that guarantee the well-being of the communities where its enterprises are located. 
Focusing on implementing ESG rules (an acronym in English for good environmental, social and governance practices), Almeida Junior included effective actions in its business plan. 
And it will continue to increase its commitment to practices, as it believes it has a strong active role in building a better future for the next generations.


The set of actions that show our commitment to the environment.


It is the axis with actions that relate to social responsibility and the impact of companies and entities on behalf of the community and society.

É o eixo com ações que relacionam-se à responsabilidade social e ao impacto das empresas e entidades em prol da comunidade e sociedade.


It deals with the axis linked to policies, ethical conduct, processes, strategies and guidelines for company administration.