Almeida Junior Group invests in sustainable, social and corporate governance practices

Concerned with providing a more sustainable and inclusive lifestyle for future generations, the Almeida Junior Group is committed to carrying out sustainable, social and governance actions that ensure the well-being of the communities where its units are located. Donation campaigns, use of sustainable technologies, adoption of practices that encourage the improvement of the environment and quality of life are part of the daily routine of the company’s six malls:  Neumarkt and Norte Shopping (Blumenau), Balneário Shopping (Balneário Camboriú), Garten Shopping (Joinville), Continente Shopping (Greater Florianópolis) and Nações Shopping (Criciúma).

Focusing on the implementation of ESG rules (Environmental, social and corporate governance), the Almeida Junior Group included effective actions in its business plan. And it will continue to increase its commitment with these practices, as it believes that it has a strong active role in building a better future for the next generations. Check below the main actions of the Almeida Junior group:


Focusing on the pillar of sustainability, the shopping centers of the group recycle around 50 tons per month, including cardboard, paper, plastics, metallic items and vegetable oil, with a certificate of destination so that these wastes are well received by the processing.

The Shopping centers also have 100% replacement of mercury lamps with LEDs, in addition to rainwater harvesting and the elimination of litter bins in the toilets, which are already a reality for the company’s projects, aware of their own role in preserving the planet.

The Group Almeida Junior already had chargers for electric cars a few years ago. But, in 2021, the company made a partnership with Porsche Brazil and installed new charging stations for electric vehicles to increase the electric corridor in the state. Free of charge, visitors can recharge their cars peacefully, while enjoying the services offered by the group’s malls, such as a food court, cinema and stores. The stations are compatible with all electric or plug-in hybrid car models that have a Type 2 charging standard.

In addition, in order to care for nature and preserve the environment, the group has vivariums to replant the plants that decorate the malls. In this way, they receive all the due care to return to their vivacity and natural beauty.



In the social scope, one of the most successful projects is the Bazar Influenciadores do Bem (Good Influencers Bazaar), In 2019, the Garten Shopping, in Joinville, collected more than 5 thousand pieces of clothing during the action, which resulted in about R$73 thousand reverted to Fundação Pró-Rim. The campaign is an example of the social responsibility that the Almeida Junior Group has to improve the quality of life of the region’s residents.

The Loja Vazia (Empty Store) action, which integrates the chain’s six shopping centers, collected more than 5,000 items to fill the shelves for those in need. The same happened with the Árvore dos Sonhos (Tree of Dreams) project, which, in one month, provided a more magical and colorful Christmas for 1,500 children and 150 elderly people. Pets are also not left out: Every month, adoption fairs take place in the parking lots of the malls, in partnership with animal protection institutions and NGOs that aim to guarantee a home for the pets.

In April 2021, Balneário Shopping mobilized volunteers to carry out the Integrated Action for Cleaning Rio Camboriú, which aimed to raise awareness of pollution problems, in addition to promoting the cleaning of the river that passes through the cities of Balneário Camboriú and Camboriú.

Also in 2021, the Almeida Junior Group promoted the training and qualification of employees to care for people with autism spectrum disorder  (ASD). In addition, all Almeida Junior malls have exclusive parking spaces for autistic people. The initiative is the first in Santa Catarina and reinforces the group’s commitment to welcoming and providing the best service.

Other social responsibility initiatives have also been adopted by the Almeida Junior Group – organ donation, vaccination, combating glaucoma, seminars for female emancipation, pink October and blue November are some of the topics covered by awareness campaigns throughout the shopping center networks.


Corporate governance

Focused on the Governance pillar, the Almeida Junior group is a reference in the state of Santa Catarina and is committed to its more than 1,000 direct employees, based on ESG premises.  Among the actions are AJ Cuida (AJ takes care), AJ Cresce (AJ grows), AJ Apoia (AJ supports), AJ Soma (AJ adds up):

AJ Cuida involves taking care of the human assets of the group and aims to look at employees, understand the needs of the community, build customer loyalty and work in partnership with suppliers and shopkeepers.

The AJ Cresce action is a program that addresses aspects to directly influence the capacity of human assets, contributing and inspiring personal and professional growth. It offers teaching-learning opportunities, develops high-performance teams and partners, protagonists in challenging practices that deal with business and market dynamics.

AJ Apoia, on the other hand, carries out a transformation in the cities and regions where the group’s units are located, with socioeconomic development. It seeks to create opportunities that change people’s lives, generating actions that benefit the community in situations of vulnerability, with the support of social entities, NGOs, suppliers, shopkeepers and employees, through social responsibility initiatives. Therefore, it aims to make a positive impact through collaborative work.

At last, but not least, the group understands the importance of diversity and inclusion in the company and through the AJ Soma action, which seeks to encourage diversity in all layers of the company, equality of opportunity between the different profiles of professionals and an exclusive environment in all sphere of the company’s relationship, therefore being an agent of transformation in society.

Social: trees of dreams in shopping malls will benefit more than 800 children and adults

The Christmas spirit awakes even more the feelings of solidarity and compassion amongst people. It’s no different in Almeida Junior shopping malls. The six enterprises are prepared for the most awaited time of the year, which motivates and causes reflection upon actions made during the past months. Therefore, in another end of the year, the Trees of Dreams will comprise the Christmas decoration of the Neumarkt, North, Balneário, Garten, Continente and Nações shopping malls and even benefit more than 800 children and adults that belong to 18 different institutions.

arvore dos sonhos shoppings

In each unit, the tree will have cards instead of the traditional dangling decoration. The name, the age of the child or adult and the institution of which they belong to are the data that will be printed on the cards. In order that the client may be a part of this movement that will bring a little love to everyone, it’s enough to pick up one card of the tree, buy the present and deliver it on the shopping’s concierge. The marketing teams of the enterprises will be in charge of delivering all presents – along with Santa Claus – to bring joy to the participants.


Check out below the units that will be benefitted:


Neumarkt Shopping Mall

CEI Professor Adelio Carline (Professor Adelio Carline Educational Center for Children)

CEI Marita Deek Sasse (Marita Deek Sasse Educational Center for Children)


Norte Shopping Mall

Associação Assistencial Lar Betânia (Betânia Shelter Aid Association)

Associação Criança em Primeiro Lugar (Children in First Place Association)


Garten Shopping Mall

Casa do Adalto (Adalto’s House Association)

Associação Joinvilense para Integração dos Deficientes Visuais (Joinville Association for the Integration of the Visually Impaired)

Ecos da Esperança (Echoes of Hope Shelter)

Renascer (Renascer Shelter)

Lar Emanuel (Emanuel Shelter)

Abdon Batista (Abdon Batista Shelter)

Associação Diocesana de Promoção Social (Diocesan Association for Social Promotion)


Nações Shopping Mall

Casa e Bairro da Juventude (Youth’s Shelter and District)


Continente Shopping Mall

Projeto Dorcas (Dorcas Project)

Centro de Convivência e Fortalecimento de Vínculos unidade Monte Cristo (Center for Sociability and Strenghtening of Bonds, Monte Cristo Unit)


Balneário Shopping Mall

Associação de Apoio às Famílias de Deficientes (Association for the Support of the Families of the Impaired)

Associação de Pais e Amigos do Autista (Association of Parents and Friends of the Autist)

Associação Amor para Down (Love for Down Association)

Programa de Acolhimento e Inclusão Social (Program for Sheltering and Social Inclusion)

Associação Lar Maternal Bom Pastor (Bom Pastor Maternal Shelter Association)

Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais (Association of Parents and Friends of the Impaired)