Those who have innovation in their DNA are always in the process of change and transformation. Thus, our story has no end, but rather several beginnings. To achieve this, we created our own innovation center, AJLabs. To think about innovative actions and solutions, also inspiring a perennial culture of innovation in the company. What is already possible does not seduce us. We always want more. Surprising and innovating is our mantra. 


Almeida Junior, in collaboration with Acate – Associação Santa Catarinense de Tecnologia (Santa Catarinense Technology Association), is one of the main drivers of open innovation and a leader in the startup ecosystem in the Retail vertical. Through events that facilitate connections and proofs of concept with startups, the company stands out as a supporter of the Retail vertical. One of the emblematic events is the Retail Tech Day, which explores the main technological trends in the sector, offering lectures and networking opportunities. 

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The innovation laboratory of Almeida Junior

AJLABS’s mission is to promote innovation, drive change and improve processes. We constantly seek to implement and sustain solutions, such as CRM platforms and new metrics that add intelligence and better performance to Almeida Junior’s businesses, regardless of whether they are technological or not. 
Our commitment is to establish a digital and, most importantly, data-driven culture. Additionally, we are committed to promoting inclusion through technology. 

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Understanding customers across channels is crucial given the range of interactions they have with us, from digital channels to physical stores. Integrating data to establish a “single view of the customer” allows you to analyze and correlate your interactions across multiple points of contact, including website, app, relationship program, paid search, customer service, physical store, organic social media, SMS, email, among others. This deep understanding not only makes it easier to deliver a consistent and personalized experience, but also provides valuable insights into customer behaviors and preferences across different channels. 


To achieve this objective, Almeida Junior adopts a set of integrated technologies, made up of the main tools from global partners, fully aligned with its customer-centric strategy. 

Solutions of interest

We look for solutions that can solve problems and optimize processes in the following areas:

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Retail techs and technologies to improve the experience of customers and retailers.

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TI and Telecon

Systems management, communication and network infrastructure.


Online and offline advertising strategies, social media and digital marketing. 

Commercial, Shopping and Media

Strategies and processes for efficient marketing of stores and kiosks.

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Finance and Controlling

Billing, collection, accounting, budgets, tax and payments. 

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Management of contracts and preventive and contentious legal matters. 

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Parking, maintenance, cleaning and security management.

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People and management

Improvements in organizational development, relationships, recruitment and selection. 

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Retail techs e tecnologias para melhoria da experiência de
clientes e lojistas.

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TI e Telecon

Gerenciamento de sistemas, comunicação e infraestrutura de redes.


Estratégias de publicidade online e offline, mídias sociais e marketing digital.

Comercial, Mall e Mídia

Estratégias e processos para comercialização eficiente de lojas e quiosques.

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Financeiro e Controladoria

Faturamento, cobrança, contabilidade, orçamentos, fiscal e pagamentos.

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Gerenciamento de contratos e assuntos jurídicos preventivos e contenciosos.

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Gerenciamento de estacionamento, manutenção, limpeza e segurança.

Icones Site AJ Recursos humanos e Gestao

Gente e gestão

Melhorias no desenvolvimento organizacional, relacionamento, recrutamento e seleção.


We are always one step ahead, thinking about the future and what innovation can best bring to business. 

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