Almeida Junior malls launch first 100% virtual fashion week

Aware of world trends and the changes that have occurred in the last few months, the fashion week at Almeida Junior Malls will be a little different from the traditional one. It is important to be flexible and innovative. Starting this week, the public will be able to contemplate 100% virtual content about fashion and style, with Trend Week.

Intermediated by Journalist Rejane Gambin and Image and Style Consultant Thay Ranghetti, this first edition will address the main fall/winter trends, such as: white shirt, hot pants shorts, draped, 70s, lace and sequins, pencil skirt, trench coat and underwear.   At the end of each episode, we have the special participation of Fashion Trends Specialist, Mariáh Cidral, who speaks directly from Paris – France.

The episodes will be broadcast starting next Wednesday, 5/27, and will run until Thursday, 6/3. There will be 8 episodes that will be posted daily at 7 pm on Instagram (IGTV) of Balneário, Continente, Garten, Nações, Norte and Neumarkt Shopping.

The models are from Gas Models and the makeup and hair produced by Jack Simonéia. The project is signed by the fillmakers Kacio Lira and Ariadne Santos.


What: Trend Week

Where: Instagram of Balneário, Continente, Garten, Nações, Norte and Neumarkt Shopping.

When: daily from Wednesday (5/27/20) to Thursday 6/3/20.


All Almeida Junior ventures are open to the public, but the schedule of lives continues. Next Thursday, the 25th, at 5 pm, Julia Baruffi and Lu Testoni will chat about tips for matching accessories.

The live will bring information and creative strategies for those looking to dress well and optimize the pieces they have in the closet, in addition to knowing more about how to use and compose the accessories.


Both participants have a lot of experience in the subject. Julia Baruffi is a partner of the handbag and accessory brand Laci Baruffi, in addition to being a shopkeeper at Neumarkt, in Blumenau, and at Balneário Shopping, in Balneário Camboriú. Lu Testoni is a personal image consultant.

The live will be broadcast on the social networks of Neumarkt and Balneário Shopping.


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Balneário Shopping –

Events suspension at Almeida Junior shopping malls

In line with all the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and municipal health authorities, Neumarkt Shopping is temporarily suspending all events that gather more than 100 people that would take place in the shopping mall in the next 15 days. The project remains operational with normal hours. 

We are reinforcing the hygiene of all areas of the mall and making hand sanitizer (alcohol gel) available at several points: entrances, food courts, concierge, next to elevators, baby changing facilities, parking spaces. The mall also established a new protocol for cleaning up shared contact areas, such as tables, railings for ramps and escalators and payment machines.

We thank everyone for their understanding and we will be providing updated information on our social networks.