ALMEIDA JUNIOR celebrates its 40 years today

Almeida Junior, which holds a 71% market share of Santa Catarina’s shopping mall market, celebrates (01.10) 40 years of foundation today and announces a new investment cycle.

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The company, founded by businessman Jaimes Almeida Junior, has six ventures in the state: Neumarkt and Norte Shopping, in Blumenau; Balneário Shopping, in Balneário Camboriú; Garten Shopping in Joinville; Continente Shopping, in Greater Florianópolis and Nações Shopping, in Criciúma. By 2020, Almeida Junior will begin the expansion of Balneário Shopping, expanding the area by an additional 12,000 square meters of GLA (Gross Leasable Area) and the expansion and revitalization of the facade of Neumarkt.

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Founded in Blumenau on January 10, 1980, the company opened its first mall, Neumarkt, in 1993. The most recent one, opened in 2016, is Nações Shopping. “We chose to focus our investments in Santa Catarina, a state with the best socioeconomic indicators in Brazil,” says the CEO. The strategy of investing exclusively in Santa Catarina has made Almeida Junior the market leader in the southern region of Brazil, with malls in the most important regions of the state.


Consumer focus

Since the opening of its first mall, the company has always focused on customer experience, investing in projects with unique projects, customer service, and facilities.

Almeida Junior stands out in the market for employing innovative technologies, such as its application, which shows promotions and allows the user to make reservations for products instantly. The company also innovated by creating its own innovation and experimentation lab, AJ Labs.

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For 2020, Almeida Junior is very optimistic about the good economic performance and already starts the year with a new and strong growth cycle. “We live in a New Brazil that brings a real disruption to economic aspects – inflation, interest rates, and reforms – fundamental structural aspects for the country’s growth”, concludes businessman Jaimes Almeida Junior.

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Balneário Shopping Mall receives IMPAR Award

Balneário Shopping  Mall was the most remembered mall in the shopping center category in the Foz do Itajaí region and received the IMPAR Award (Preference Brands Index and Regional Affinity), awarded by NDTV. Held in partnership with IBOPE Inteligência, IMPAR points out the most remembered and preferred brands by consumers in the state.

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The mall is recognized in Santa Catarina and nationally for its differentiated mix with important national and international brands. “We work strategically to deliver the best experience to our consumers and have the public recognition is always our greatest achievement,” says the mall’s superintendent, Elizângela Cardoso.

In addition to showing the brands indicated by regions of Santa Catarina, IMPAR 2019 also points out the preferred by consumers at the state level, where about 40 segments, including commerce, industry and services, were included in the research. The winners in each segment are disclosed in the IMPAR Yearbook, which contains the complete survey data.

Second half is marked by openings at Almeida Junior shopping malls

Santa Catarina is on the investment route of major national and international brands. With favorable income indexes and high HDI, the State has been outstanding for attracting the eyes of investors who seek to expand the qualitative market for their brands. And Almeida Junior’s malls are of course the gateway to these major retailers.

In recent months, brands such as John John, Ellus, Centauro, Magazine Luiza, Natura, Canal Concept, Alice Salazar, Jogê, Lupo, Las Leñas, Cobasi, among many others, have opened units in the network shopping malls.

At Balneário Shopping, Almeida Junior’s iconic mall, Natura opened its first concept store in Southern Brazil, and Centauro also remodeled its operation for the new Generation Five format, the first in Santa Catarina. Two gastronomic novelties are coming soon: the renowned Tartuferia San Paolo, from São Paulo, and Jerônimo, from the Madero Group. Brands like Granado, Jogê, and Simple Organic were also added to the mix.

In the newest venture of the chain, Nações Shopping (in Criciúma), one of the highlights is the recently opened Las Leñas Restaurant, famous for serving the true Uruguayan parrilla. Gastronomy also gets reinforcement with Hamburgueria La Brasa, which will open soon, and Pizza Hut. In the fashion segment, John John, Ellus, Emporio Du Homem arrived to expand the mix. Among the retail giants, Centauro and Preçolândia have just signed a contract with Nações Shopping.

In the Itajaí Valley region, Neumarkt and Norte Shopping also received novelties. In the north, it opened a unit of Cobasi, a pioneer in the pet mall concept in Brazil, with a new health area, which houses Ecomax, Blumenau’s largest diagnostic imaging clinic, and Hemos Laboratório. Neumarkt received a John John store and three new operations for the food court: Montana Grill, Pizza Hut, and Chen’s Cozinha Oriental.

In the capital region of Santa Catarina, Continente Shopping expanded its mix with important operations: Leo Cosméticos, Eletrum, the Pro Quality Premium gym, Canal Concept, and Alice Salazar, who is a reference in make-up. Soon, there will be a unit of Werner Coiffeur salon and Preçolândia.

Garten Shopping, in Joinville, also received Leo Cosméticos, as well as Lupo, Reserva, Bibi Calçados, and Simple Organic, which have just opened operations. The gastronomy mix gained strength with the inauguration of Bull Prime, Paraná’s largest premium meat chain. And Magazine Luiza has already signed an agreement to open a unit soon.


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