Christmas campaign closes this Sunday, January 5, at Almeida Junior Shopping Malls

The Almeida Junior Shopping Centre Christmas campaign closes this Sunday, 1/5. Don’t miss your chance to participate in the six-car  raffle.


To participate in the campaign, customers of Neumarkt and Norte Shopping (Blumenau), Balneário Shopping (Balneário Camboriú), Garten Shopping (Joinville), Continente Shopping (Greater Florianópolis) and Nações Shopping (Criciúma) should exchange the invoices that add up to BRL 400 for a coupon.


The invoices must be registered at the Self-Service Center located at the mall where you made your purchases (until 8:00 pm on 01/05/2020), or by the “Almeida Junior” application (until 6:00 pm on 01/05/2020). Coupons must be picked up at the same service station of each mall. Then, just deposit them in the ballot box to enter the draw, which will be held on January 6, 2020, at 1 pm.


Check out the Campaign Rules:


Social: trees of dreams in shopping malls will benefit more than 800 children and adults

The Christmas spirit awakes even more the feelings of solidarity and compassion amongst people. It’s no different in Almeida Junior shopping malls. The six enterprises are prepared for the most awaited time of the year, which motivates and causes reflection upon actions made during the past months. Therefore, in another end of the year, the Trees of Dreams will comprise the Christmas decoration of the Neumarkt, North, Balneário, Garten, Continente and Nações shopping malls and even benefit more than 800 children and adults that belong to 18 different institutions.

arvore dos sonhos shoppings

In each unit, the tree will have cards instead of the traditional dangling decoration. The name, the age of the child or adult and the institution of which they belong to are the data that will be printed on the cards. In order that the client may be a part of this movement that will bring a little love to everyone, it’s enough to pick up one card of the tree, buy the present and deliver it on the shopping’s concierge. The marketing teams of the enterprises will be in charge of delivering all presents – along with Santa Claus – to bring joy to the participants.


Check out below the units that will be benefitted:


Neumarkt Shopping Mall

CEI Professor Adelio Carline (Professor Adelio Carline Educational Center for Children)

CEI Marita Deek Sasse (Marita Deek Sasse Educational Center for Children)


Norte Shopping Mall

Associação Assistencial Lar Betânia (Betânia Shelter Aid Association)

Associação Criança em Primeiro Lugar (Children in First Place Association)


Garten Shopping Mall

Casa do Adalto (Adalto’s House Association)

Associação Joinvilense para Integração dos Deficientes Visuais (Joinville Association for the Integration of the Visually Impaired)

Ecos da Esperança (Echoes of Hope Shelter)

Renascer (Renascer Shelter)

Lar Emanuel (Emanuel Shelter)

Abdon Batista (Abdon Batista Shelter)

Associação Diocesana de Promoção Social (Diocesan Association for Social Promotion)


Nações Shopping Mall

Casa e Bairro da Juventude (Youth’s Shelter and District)


Continente Shopping Mall

Projeto Dorcas (Dorcas Project)

Centro de Convivência e Fortalecimento de Vínculos unidade Monte Cristo (Center for Sociability and Strenghtening of Bonds, Monte Cristo Unit)


Balneário Shopping Mall

Associação de Apoio às Famílias de Deficientes (Association for the Support of the Families of the Impaired)

Associação de Pais e Amigos do Autista (Association of Parents and Friends of the Autist)

Associação Amor para Down (Love for Down Association)

Programa de Acolhimento e Inclusão Social (Program for Sheltering and Social Inclusion)

Associação Lar Maternal Bom Pastor (Bom Pastor Maternal Shelter Association)

Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais (Association of Parents and Friends of the Impaired)



Second half is marked by openings at Almeida Junior shopping malls

Santa Catarina is on the investment route of major national and international brands. With favorable income indexes and high HDI, the State has been outstanding for attracting the eyes of investors who seek to expand the qualitative market for their brands. And Almeida Junior’s malls are of course the gateway to these major retailers.

In recent months, brands such as John John, Ellus, Centauro, Magazine Luiza, Natura, Canal Concept, Alice Salazar, Jogê, Lupo, Las Leñas, Cobasi, among many others, have opened units in the network shopping malls.

At Balneário Shopping, Almeida Junior’s iconic mall, Natura opened its first concept store in Southern Brazil, and Centauro also remodeled its operation for the new Generation Five format, the first in Santa Catarina. Two gastronomic novelties are coming soon: the renowned Tartuferia San Paolo, from São Paulo, and Jerônimo, from the Madero Group. Brands like Granado, Jogê, and Simple Organic were also added to the mix.

In the newest venture of the chain, Nações Shopping (in Criciúma), one of the highlights is the recently opened Las Leñas Restaurant, famous for serving the true Uruguayan parrilla. Gastronomy also gets reinforcement with Hamburgueria La Brasa, which will open soon, and Pizza Hut. In the fashion segment, John John, Ellus, Emporio Du Homem arrived to expand the mix. Among the retail giants, Centauro and Preçolândia have just signed a contract with Nações Shopping.

In the Itajaí Valley region, Neumarkt and Norte Shopping also received novelties. In the north, it opened a unit of Cobasi, a pioneer in the pet mall concept in Brazil, with a new health area, which houses Ecomax, Blumenau’s largest diagnostic imaging clinic, and Hemos Laboratório. Neumarkt received a John John store and three new operations for the food court: Montana Grill, Pizza Hut, and Chen’s Cozinha Oriental.

In the capital region of Santa Catarina, Continente Shopping expanded its mix with important operations: Leo Cosméticos, Eletrum, the Pro Quality Premium gym, Canal Concept, and Alice Salazar, who is a reference in make-up. Soon, there will be a unit of Werner Coiffeur salon and Preçolândia.

Garten Shopping, in Joinville, also received Leo Cosméticos, as well as Lupo, Reserva, Bibi Calçados, and Simple Organic, which have just opened operations. The gastronomy mix gained strength with the inauguration of Bull Prime, Paraná’s largest premium meat chain. And Magazine Luiza has already signed an agreement to open a unit soon.


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