Balneário Shopping Mall receives IMPAR Award

Balneário Shopping  Mall was the most remembered mall in the shopping center category in the Foz do Itajaí region and received the IMPAR Award (Preference Brands Index and Regional Affinity), awarded by NDTV. Held in partnership with IBOPE Inteligência, IMPAR points out the most remembered and preferred brands by consumers in the state.

impar 2019

The mall is recognized in Santa Catarina and nationally for its differentiated mix with important national and international brands. “We work strategically to deliver the best experience to our consumers and have the public recognition is always our greatest achievement,” says the mall’s superintendent, Elizângela Cardoso.

In addition to showing the brands indicated by regions of Santa Catarina, IMPAR 2019 also points out the preferred by consumers at the state level, where about 40 segments, including commerce, industry and services, were included in the research. The winners in each segment are disclosed in the IMPAR Yearbook, which contains the complete survey data.