Fashion: Almeida Junior malls are stage for trends

Santa Catarina has already gained space in the fashion world, either by the brands that are already consolidated or by the emergence of new ones. The state is the second largest textile and apparel center in the country and the segment is responsible for 21.8% of industry jobs. With all this power, the fashion industry is very active and consumers constantly seek news. To serve this attentive audience, Almeida Junior malls are ahead and present the trends of new collections with events bringing brands closer to the public. The second semester calendar will debut with Continente Fashion Way, an event at Continente Shopping on September 12th.


Six renowned brands will parade their spring-summer 2020 collections: Damyller, Lança Perfume, Altenburg, Track & Field, Canal and Jorge Bischoff. The show will not only be about the selection of looks, but also a technique called moulage – in which the clothes are made with the fabric directly on the body.


The approach of the event with the public was one of the highlights at the time of formatting the Continente Fashion Way: the shows will be held in an arena format, so that the models can be seen by all spectators at the same time.


The event will be more than a parade, among the brands already mentioned, productions of fashion students from UDESC (Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina) will be present, an unprecedented action within the mall that further values local creation and fashion production in the state.