Almeida Junior promotes an original holographic action in Southern Brazil


For the first time, Almeida Junior brings to Santa Catarina a retail-oriented 3D hologram technology. Regarded as an innovative product with a futuristic technology, the holographic displays are considered a new technological moment in brand projection. The action will be open to visitation until February 2nd in Continente Shopping, in the metropolitan area of Florianópolis, and will allow to the clients the experience of visualizing a flying, projected holographic dragon.


The unprecedented initiative of bringing this technology to the Southern Region of the country endorses one of the main values of Almeida Junior: the constancy in innovation. Exhibited in Continente Shopping, the equipment was fitted up by Holoo, a Brazilian representative of 3D holographic displays with technology from the American company Hologruf, and is specialized in assisting segments that vary from the corporative retail to the event branch. A world-wide success, holography has already made possible to pay homage to the legacy of artists such as Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Cazuza, who were brought to the stage in a technological fashion.


The hologram is expected to bring life and impact to visual communication, serving as a showcase and as an entertainment to the public, since this technology is based on high-resolution images and LED lines, which rotate faster than the human eyes can perceive.