Garten Shopping mall celebrates the 169th anniversary of the city of Joinville

The largest city in the State of Santa Catarina (Brazil), Joinville, is known for being an inspiring and passionate place. It will turn 169 years old the next March 15th. To celebrate the city, Garten Shopping is anticipating the festivities, with attractions for costumers and the community at large which begin on the weekend of March 7th and 8th. On Saturday, the 7th, from 3pm to 6pm, visitors to the mall will be surprised by the presence of princes as well as princesses who will be there to take pictures with the children.


On Sunday, the 8th, the musical spectacle “Beauty’s Sweet Emotions” tells the tale of a peasant girl who loved storytelling. This show brings songs that will be familiar to the whole family and it is sure to be a good time for all ages. The attraction will take all spectators to a magic world of fantasy. At the end of the spectacle, the characters will be available to take pictures with the public.