Continente Shopping will be the stage for eSports event

Exit the virtual world for an in-person super tryout of games. More and more malls have been consolidated as a venue to host events that connect these two worlds. One example is RED Truck HyperX, which parks this weekend, days 2 and 3, at Continente Shopping in search of talent for RED Canids Kalunga’s League of Legends and Free Fire teams, the eSports of the moment.

truck poa-11

Registration to participate in the RED Truck HyperX screening costs BRL 25 and can be made via the site Those who do not want to compete in the tryouts can get to know the truck up close and participate in photoshoots, autographs and chats with players Gabriel ‘Revolta’ Henud, Alexandre ‘TitaN’ Lima, Pedro ‘Lep’ Macari and the organization’s ambassador , Felipe ‘YoDa’ Noronha.

RED Truck HyperX, a partnership between RED Canids Kalunga, HyperX and AOC, will tour 18 states in search of talents. Santa Catarina was the second state, just after Rio Grande do Sul. The tryouts bring together theoretical test, 1×1 in-game duels, team matches and interviews with RED Canids Kalunga staff.

At the end of the local stages, the top 300 League of Legends players and the top 80 Free Fire players will compete in the final and online stages of the competition, details of which will be revealed soon. In addition to the contract with RED Canids Kalunga, LoL tryout winners will get a HyperX peripheral kit and AOC monitor, and Free Fire winners will get a next-generation mobile phone.

The truck

The REDX Hyper Truck has 19 meters, 12 wheels and over 14 tons. Adapted to operate as an eSports arena, it has ten machines equipped with high-performance HyperX peripherals and gaming monitors from AOC. So that the public can closely follow the disputes, it also has a big screen outside, which broadcasts live all the stages of the action.

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Created in 2015, RED Canids Kalunga, initially was RED Canids and only to compete in the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (CBLoL). In 2016, the eSports organization was acquired by Felippe Corradini, entrepreneur and event organizer of the sector, who started the rise to become one of the strongest and most organized clubs in Brazil, currently with 8 teams competing in the main LoL, CS:GO, Free Fire, Fortnite, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, and World of Warcraft championships.

Sponsored by Kalunga since May 2018, when it was renamed RED Canids Kalunga, by AXE, AOC, GigaPro, HyperX, Live Arena, Uninter, and Warrior, it has a gaming house at V. Mariana District in São Paulo with two studios for streamers and all the infrastructure needed for athlete training and well-being.

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