Member lounges are the differential of Almeida Junior malls

Nações Shopping has just opened NS Mampituba Lounge, an exclusive space for members of the Mampituba Recreational Society, a traditional Criciúma club. The space follows the pattern and model of NK Tabajara Lounge, the result of the partnership between Neumarkt Shopping and Tabajara Tennis Club, from Blumenau.


The purpose of the partnership between shopping malls and clubs is to strengthen the relationship and provide a space of comfort and convenience for members. The lounges feature Wi-Fi, newspapers and magazines, cable TV, cellphone chargers, non-alcoholic beverages (water, juice, soda, coffee, and tea), information/concierge services, video games, pre-booking for meetings, chats or informal gatherings, and special actions in partnership with mall shopkeepers. All in an environment decorated with refinement and comfort.


Both Mampituba and Tabajara are traditional clubs that bring together people who enjoy social relationships and enjoy being with friends. So the idea is that the lounges are an extension of the clubs inside the malls, providing conviviality among the members in a pleasant and comfortable environment.