Almeida Junior’s CEO is a finalist in the Líderes SC Prize

Jaimes Almeida Junior, Almeida Junior’s CEO, is a finalist to the Prêmio Líderes Santa Catarina 2019 (Santa Catarina Leaders’ Prize 2019) – in the Entrepreneur of the Year category. Promoted by the Grupo de Líderes de Santa Catarina (Santa Catarina’s Group of Leaders) – LIDE SC, the prize is an award to the Catarinense entrepreneurs that distinguished themselves in the market with innovation and entrepreneurship. The finalists were nominated by journalists, opinion formers and affiliates of the LIDE throughout the State, by means of online voting.

lideres sc

The intent is to acknowledge the ones that have a strong operation and that represent the Catarinense enterprising spirit. “In the course of 2019, we made a series of debates and events with the purpose of fostering the entrepreneurial scene. Now, with the Prêmio Líderes, we highlight those who had the greatest success in this journey. This is the fourth edition of the prize that is already one of the most important distinctions to the entrepreneurial class of Santa Catarina”, points out Wilfredo Gomes, president of the LIDE Santa Catarina.

In this year, winners will be selected in the following categories: agribusiness, industry, services, technology, tourism, retail and entrepreneur of the year. Online voting can be made via this link: Winners will be known in November 28th.