Almeida Junior in the RD Summit: the company follows world-wide trends

Almeida Junior was present in the greatest marketing and sales event in Latin America, the RD Summit, which happened in Florianópolis in the beginning of November. There were 120 lectures, many of them international, which brought much content, connections and inspirations. The company’s marketing team followed everything closely and made a summary of the main trends indicated in the event.

Eduardo Pacheco


Marketing must be oriented to experiences that may take one to excellence, always with a genuine look to the users. Another point that was noted is about integration of platforms, improvements and adjustments with the latest technologies to attract, convert and captivate even more users.

The humanization of the relationships and of the contents generated by the companies was cited by some of the speakers. The age of the pasteurization of content is over. Corporations must really talk to their publics in a genuine way and bringing aggregating content.

The human capital of companies gained relevance in the themes. For this, it’s required that companies empower people; after all, everyone has something to contribute with. And, in the age of machines, of AI and Machine Learning, among others, people miss humanization. Chatbots that communicate through a simpler and more human language have much more conversion in the funnel than something which is robotized.

Marcel Bianchi


The innovation theme also pervaded many lectures. But, for purposes of simplification, the message was delivered: to innovate is something that is much more dependent on people than on tools and technology. It can be a new way of doing something that has always been routine in the company, and this depends on people. To achieve this, companies must create an internal environment and a mindset focused on innovation.

The speakers highlighted that great companies are much more concerned with behavior and culture than with the competition. It’s necessary to seek, anticipate, not just follow what everyone else is doing. It’s acceptable to make mistakes, but hard work must be substituted by intelligent work.

Finally, future is analytical. Decisions must be taken with grounds applied over data. Argumentation based on opinions and intuition are fated to end.

“The event brought us many great insights of tendencies in marketing and sales, but the main point was to verify that Almeida Junior is already treading a path that goes through many of these concepts, from technology integration to this humanized perspective towards people”, analyzes the Marketing and Digital Director of Almeida Junior, Rafael Almeida.

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