Museum is launched at Balneário Shopping with 50 attractions of optical illusions

For the first time in the South region of Brazil, the Museum of Illusions – the only one of its kind in Latin America – comes to play with brain and reason. The itinerant exhibition shows how the eyes can deceive your mind, because what you think you see is often not true. Aiming to provoke these different sensations and attract an audience of 30 thousand people, Almeida Junior brought this novelty to Balneário Shopping.


The exhibition has over 50 attractions with fun experiences and optical illusions that intrigue the public. Inspired in the main museums of science and optical illusion of the world, the attraction brings knowledge about visual illusions, subliminal messages and the relationship between time, space and consciousness.


The museum also has exclusive experiences and ‘instagrammable’ spaces, incredible environments to photograph and film and situations that seem impossible. The curator of the Museum of Illusions is physicist and professor Julio Abdalla, curator of the largest travelling scientific exhibition in Brazil: ExperCiência and also director of a network of schools. The project has consultancy and development by Paulo Zimmermann, former Media Executive, currently consultant and advisor in market development and entertainment projects.

museu das ilusoes