Centauro opens its first G5 store in Santa Catarina

Centauro chose Balneário Shopping to open its first G5 store – Generation 5 – in Santa Catarina. The store was reopened on the last 14th, bringing a new concept, focusing on increasingly personalized experiences and services.


With 1,000 m², Centauro G5 will act as a sports hub, hosting a number of initiatives alongside partner brands. The objective is to value the relationship with all clients and, especially, with the local population.


Bringing products, information and services together in one place, customers will be able to live unprecedented experiences through technologies that will surprise. Smart dressing rooms, connected treadmill experimentation, simulating running circuits, interactive displays and tablets that allow access to a multitude of items are some of the novelties to make the service even more exclusive and comfortable.


Centauro Differentials at Balneário Mall


Smart dressing rooms: in the new stores, the cabin allows the parts chosen by the customer to be identified and, through a screen, provides information about the products. With this, Centauro offers consumers the opportunity to request another size or even receive recommendations for similar articles without even leaving the dressing room.


Click and Withdraw: When purchasing a product from the site and choosing to withdraw it from the store, the customer receives an email with a locker code and number. It should be used to open the cabinet in which your purchase will be stored. This way, the consumer will quickly remove his/her product from the store, avoiding queues and saving time.


Shoe Experience: making the experimentation even more real, sneakers can be tasted on a mat connected to screens that simulate running circuits around the world, allowing customers to test footsteps and find the ideal model for their activity.


Bikes Experience: the differential is the personalized service to help Centauro consumers to identify the ideal bike according to their preferences and characteristics. This experience is divided into two phases: try the bikes in-store and then choose the ideal bike from an interactive screen.


Soccer and Supplement in Your Way: A large, soccer-focused interactive screen gives you the opportunity to listen to your favorite team’s anthems and cheers as you browse the shirt options. The same goes for supplements, which can be chosen according to your workout needs.


Express Order: Tablet totems allow access to a multitude of items, which can be ordered for home delivery or store pick-up.


Your Way: In one of the new store environments, Centauro now offers more customization options, in addition to the traditional printing of soccer shirts, now with the customization of soccer shoes.


Living Area: Centauro’s new stores act as an entertainment hub, hosting a series of events in conjunction with partner brands, as well as broadcasting live games, classes, workshops, enhancing the relationship with all customers and especially with the local community.