Crescimento Vendas Natal


Christmas sales in the six ALMEIDA JUNIOR shopping malls in Santa Catarina (Neumarkt, Norte, Balneário, Garten, Continente and Nações) grew 18.8% over the same period of last year, considering the Christmas campaign period (11/27 to 12/24). The number was well above the 5.5% growth recorded by the Brazilian Association of Shopping Mall Storekeepers (Alshop) that gathers the main shopping mall retailers in Brazil.

Santa Catarina has always performed above the national retail average and presents a more consistent recovery capacity due to the positive numbers of income and employment. “This significant sales growth in our shopping malls demonstrates the improvement in the mix and the growing attractiveness of ALMEIDA JUNIOR’s six shopping malls, as well as the confidence of Santa Catarina consumers in the new cycle of economic growth in 2019,” says the CEO and founder of ALMEIDA JUNIOR, Jaimes Almeida Junior.

In fact, the State accounted for the most jobs in 2017, with a balance of almost 30,000 jobs according to CAGED. The balance of 2018 has not yet been released, but the monthly indicators show consecutive increases.

The Christmas sales of the ALMEIDA JUNIOR shopping malls surpassed even the company’s expectations, which had already been defined in a very optimistic manner. For example, the panettones form the Christmas campaign “buy and win” were over just before December 24, even with all the increase designed for the date. All 6  ALMEIDA JUNIOR shopping malls recorded double-digit growth, and the most prominent were Nações Shopping (Criciúma), Norte Shopping (Blumenau) and Garten Shopping (Joinville).