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Paris 6 arrives in Santa Catarina with a café at Balneário Shopping Mall

Balneário Camboriú is the pioneer city in receiving the brand’s new model of operation

On Monday, January 7, the Paris 6 restaurant chain inaugurates its latest space at Balneário Shopping Mall, in the city of Balneário Camboriú. It’s the Paris 6 Café, the newest operation model created by the brand – a café-style store that features the brand’s DNA and a menu featuring some of the famous creations by entrepreneur and Paris 6 founder, Isaac Azar, ranging from quick dishes to a selection of best-selling desserts, with options that include Grand Gateaux and cheesecakes.

With a capacity for up to 30 customers, the café will function as the initial project of this new style. “Balneário Camboriú is a modern, sophisticated city that receives tourists from all over, making it the ideal place for setting up our first store,” explains Isaac.

Paris 6 Café follows the style of the other stores in the chain, with architecture and atmosphere that hark back to 1920s Paris. On the menu, the famous Grand Gateau dessert shares space with cheesecakes, with the classic croque monsieur, as well as hot and iced coffees from the Paris 6 Gourmet Espresso line, and much more.

The launch of the Paris 6 Café is part of the chain’s expansion plans. In addition to the grand opening of new bistros, currently with 14 operating throughout Brazil, the new model will accompany the brand’s growth through franchises, with an expectation of more than 20 new locations in 2019.

About Paris 6

Paris 6 restaurant has become a benchmark for French bistro-style eateries, with a wide-ranging menu every day of the year. Founded in São Paulo in September 2006, the name comes from the 6th district of Paris, the bohemian district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where France’s first coffee house was founded in 1686. Currently, there are units in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Salvador, Goiânia, and São José dos Campos, totaling 14 locations in Brazil. With a charming atmosphere, always personalized with a various works of art from the shows and artistic manifestations that the bistro supports, the restaurants have become a gathering place for intellectuals and celebrities, as well as supporting theater and other expressions of art.

The person in charge of the menu is entrepreneur Isaac Azar, founding partner of Paris 6. The fare features typical dishes from Parisian bistros and brasseries, re-readings and creations of the restaurant. They are all named after a personality from television, theater, music or sports. Among the most commonly ordered items are the “Chorão” (beef medallions served with brie risotto), “Bruno Gissoni” (brie gnocchi with shrimp sauce), and “Boca Rosa” (grilled salmon fillet with shrimp sauce, served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. To top off your meal, the best suggestion is the famous Grand Gateau, a new concept of dessert created by Isaac himself. The result was a chocolate soufflé, exploring various fillings and toppings, and always served with a Paris 6 popsicle. Whoever tries it, recommends it.

About Balneário Shopping Mall

The visual and architectural concept, coupled with a mix that concentrates some of the most renowned Brazilian and international brands, have transformed Balneário Shopping Mall into a successful case in the segment. Located at the most popular beach in the South of Brazil, the mall features brands that are unprecedented in the state, and exclusive dining options that attract a select public, tuned in to the main trends around the world.

Its 43,497 square meters of GLA are divided into two levels, with wide corridors and expanded shop windows measuring 6.5 meters, an exclusive feature in Brazil that brings more comfort and elegance to the mall. Gourmet restaurants are another highlight of Balneário Shopping Mall. The location counts on operations such as Outback, Madero, Las Leñas, Pecorino, Freddo Gelateria, and Karbonell, all with exclusive service environments.