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Vertical Varejo is launched by ACATE and Almeida Junior

Some of the companies that live in the innovation ecosystem of Santa Catarina Technology Association (ACATE) took part in the launch of Vertical Varejo yesterday afternoon (02/19). The initiative sponsored by Almeida Junior – the largest chain of shopping malls in the South of Brazil – aims to bring shopkeepers, startups and technology companies focused on the segment closer. The first work meeting of Vertical Varejo is already scheduled: March 19 at 9:00 am.

Almeida Junior’s Corporate Marketing Superintendent, Monique Campos – who will represent the company at Vertical Varejo – commented on the investment that retail companies have made in technology to ensure the consumer experience. According to Monique, companies must follow the trends in this transformation in the customer profile. “With this partnership, we will be able to be a benchmark, and can expand and show our expertise outside the State,” she said.

During the launch of Vertical Varejo, Carlos Zilli, Imaginarium entrepreneur and board member, commented on trends and his experience of over 30 years in the market. According to him, there are only 200 retail technology startups in Brazil and they lack this kind of partnership between companies so that projects can be boosted.



About Almeida Junior

Almeida Junior has been operating in the market for 39 years and manages six shopping malls in Santa Catarina. In 2016, the company created its own Experimental Innovation Laboratory, called AJ.LABS. The following year, it launched SHOPPromo – a new platform that works within the Almeida Junior APP – offering discounts and exclusive offers and adopting the omnichannel concept. Other initiatives have also been developed, such as the analysis of customer behavior in the virtual environment and the partnership with an online reputation management startup.