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Online reputation: Almeida Junior is case of the Tech SC with the Reviewr

A little over two years ago, Almeida Junior initiated a job with Reviewr – company specialized in online assessments – with a pilot project at the Continente Shopping which caused this mall to be the better rated among the competitors in the region of Grande Florianópolis. Nowadays, the six malls of the network are served by the startup for monitoring of platforms such as TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Google, among others. Last Sunday, the 15th, both companies were cases in the show called Tech SC, aired by NSC TV – affiliated of Rede Globo, in Santa Catarina.

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Reviewr is the first reviews management startup in Brazil that aggregates all these evaluations in a single panel, thus simplifying the management of the volume of information. Besides, the software analyzes the data and provides competitive intelligence to the establishments, such as most frequent words, feeling analysis and scores in each site of evaluation.

“We initiated a new cycle in our malls with the Reviewr in which we can hear more from our customers through the several platforms, while interacting with them in a personalized and individual manner, thus directing our efforts to provide them with an incredible experience. Moreover, the service is fast through the platform”, says Rafael Fiedler, corporate and digital marketing director at Almeida Junior.


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