LIDE SC event brings together leaders at Continente Shopping

The founder and CEO of Almeida Junior, Jaimes Almeida Junior, and the president of the board of directors of the NC Group, Carlos Sanchez, were the guests on the “Leadership of the Future” panel promoted by LIDE SC (Entrepreneurial Leaders Group of Santa Catarina) on Tuesday (14), at Continente Shopping.
On the occasion, the CEO of Almeida Junior presented the figures of the company’s balance sheet and reinforced its confidence in a positive economy in 2022. Among the data presented is the investment of 2 billion in the economy of Santa Catarina, between 2009 and 2019, which provided more than 13 thousand jobs. During this period, Almeida Junior grew 9.1 times, while the national GDP growth was 2.2 times. This year, the company closes with a total sales volume close to R$2.6 billion and forecasts a closing of R$3 billion in 2022.
The executive also announced new plans for 2022, among them the third expansion of the main Santa Catarina shopping mall, Balneário Shopping, and AJ Realty’s projects, The Spot One, and The Spot Two, highlighted the company’s marketplace, AJPlace, which in this second semester presented exponential results, in addition to the new digital verticals of the Company, such as AJFans, AJPay, and AJLog.
To motivate the leaders present, Jaimes Almeida Junior highlighted that for a company to be successful and have good results, it is essential to have a well-established purpose. “For the bottom line of the result to be consistent, the first line needs to be the purpose. There is no such thing as a business without a purpose”, advises the executive. In addition to purpose, he also highlighted three other pillars of future leadership: ecosystem vision, digital transformation, and ESG.
The Grupo NC administration president presented the humanitarian initiatives that the group supports, both local, and global, in partnership with various institutions, such as the WHO (World Health Organization), for example. He also pointed out that leaders need to believe in their business and that it is in times of crisis that the leader stands out.

LIDE 10 years campaign
The “Leaders are true influencers” campaign was launched at the event. The campaign aims to enhance the role of business leaders in the recovery and construction of a new economy.