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Giant toys which made an impression on generations of kids come to the Nações Shopping mall

How about entering a time machine into the days of some classic toys – from the old times when there was no such technology as today’s computers, tablets and smart phones? The younger generation may find it hard to even imagine a time when such things were not there. But some of us have lived those days – and those who did so had a lot of fun. The interactive exhibition Brinquedoteka (“Toy Library”) arrives at the Nações Shopping this Saturday, the 14th and it gathers the funniest toys of all times.


This attraction will bring classic games and toys from the eighties and nineties such as Genius, Aquaplay, Tabletop Football, Cai-não-Cai (“To fall or not to fall”) and Pop-Up Pirate, as well as Lego, Tetris and many others who were big hits back then and made an impression on generations of kids. There is a twist, though: all of those toys will be displayed in giant size.


The “Big Toys” were specially designed to work just like their original versions and thus ensure everyone has a good time. The plan is to make parents go back to their childhood times and also to show their children a good time. The experience of playing “outside of a screen” turns nostalgia into a leisure time for children and young people of today’s generation.