KFC Balde misto 1 scaled

Almeida Junior brings the first KFC restaurant of the American chain to Santa Catarina

Balneário Shopping will be the first enterprise in Santa Catarina to receive a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) unit, a North American chain known worldwide for its crispy chicken strips or chicken breast pieces that are served accompanied by various sauces.


The chain has more than 23 thousand restaurants distributed in 140 countries. In Brazil, KFC is operated by IMC (International Meal Company) and there are already about one hundred units. This will be the first one in Santa Catarina.


KFC was created in 1952 in Kentucky, USA, and the recipe considered its successful case, made from 11 ingredients, is locked in a safe until today. Besides the chicken bucket, which is the main dish on the menu, there are other options such as sandwiches – including Wow Box and Big Box – meals and desserts.


Almeida Junior, which is the biggest shopping center chain in the South of the country, brings the brand to Balneário Shopping, which is the company’s iconic mall, to provide a new experience for Santa Catarina residents.


The works in Balneário Shopping unit are in full swing and it is preparing to open for the summer.