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“Entrepreneurs Meeting – It’s Time to Accelerate” gathered leaders and authorities, this Tuesday (22), at Garten Shopping, to intensify the recovery of the economy and the development of the region. Indicators show that the recovery of the economy is already happening all over Brazil and, in Santa Catarina, the result of the GDP for the 1st half of 2021 exceeded expectations, making the market more optimistic about the future. “The increase in the index by 2.9% indicates that we are on the right path to the new economy, what we need now is to accelerate this recovery,” said the president of LIDE SC, Delton Batista.

Aiming to expand the debate and strategies for economic growth in Joinville and the Northern region of the state, Almeida Junior founder and CEO, Jaimes Almeida Junior, president of the Neogrid Board of Directors, Miguel Abuhab, businessman Olavo Vidal and Joinville mayor, Adriano Silva, presented, during the meeting, plans and actions to boost the economy of the entire region. For Garten’s superintendent, Edigar Zimmermann, “It was very gratifying to open the doors of the largest shopping mall in the North of SC to discuss and exchange ideas about the future of the city.

According to Jaimes, the Almeida Junior group was booming since 2013 and well prepared when the pandemic arrived. “In 2015, we launched the development, technology and innovation center called AJ Labs, and this was the first step towards implementing the technology in our team’s mindset. In 2020, we saw Covid-19 as an opportunity to anticipate the Marketplace project, thus forming a physical and digital ecosystem. From May 2019 to May 2020, the company had sales decrease by 38%, however, from this period to May 2021, the increase reached 83%. The recovery is incredible and the way out was exactly the digital transformation”, concludes the entrepreneur.

On the occasion, Jaimes Almeida Júnior was honored and received the Leaders 2020 Award, elected by a multidisciplinary curatorship, which gathers leaders and entities from all over the country to indicate the outstanding entrepreneur of the year in Santa Catarina.

Miguel Abuhab, founder of DATASUL and NeoGrid, Supply Chain Management company, with offices in the United States and Europe, also corroborates that technology is the key to recovery, but it only makes sense when the business rules change. “It is necessary to improve and facilitate internal and indispensable processes such as management and sales, besides, externally, providing a new customer experience,” says he, who participated in the implementation of CONSUL S.A in Joinville and acts strongly in social responsibility and education projects.

For the entrepreneur and physicist Olavo Vidal, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry and currently owns Grano and Giraffas franchises, the pandemic brought new perspectives to the state’s economy. “We had to further improve the digital process to expand sales in the apps, for faster deliveries and more customer experience. We rethought goals, restructured teams, and, with technology, improved sales and the company’s status in relation to our public,” he says.

The mayor of Joinville, Adriano Silva, explained how he has been approaching the municipal administration and entrepreneurs to encourage the stability and growth of the market in the region. “Government and leadership need to be together. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have followed the premise of maintaining a balance between economy and care for severe cases. The alignment between city hall and various entities has put the city in the ranking of those with fewer restrictions and more beds for severe cases of Covid-19”. He also presented the creation of the Entrepreneur Defense Code, the second one in Brazil, the Microfinance Law, and an exclusive department to attend and guide entrepreneurs.

LIDE SC – Group of Business Leaders of Santa Catarina brings together the main managers of the state with the aim of integrating companies, organizations, and private entities through debate programs, business forums, and content activities. Almeida Junior, Portobello, Intelbras, Bertol, Engie, Happymed, AsQ, Sicoob, and BRDE are official partners of the entity. And the supporters Calcard, Teltec Solutions, Hotel Faial, Fiesc, Inova, Acelera Online, WBK, 8R, and Bornhausen & Zimmer.