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Jurassic World Exhibition is back

The exhibition that has enchanted children and adults providing a journey into the past will be back to Norte Shopping, in Blumenau, from January 20. The entertainment will continue until February 26 and the audience can get to know the dreaded dinosaur species, life-size, with sound and movement.


Dinosaur replicas


Twelve dinosaur replicas will be displayed, depicted as if they were alive and in their habitat millions of years ago. Among them, the most feared and known of all stands out: The Tyrannosaurus Rex. This replica is 13 meters long, 6 meters high and weighs 900 kilos.


The exhibition will also feature replicas of Stegosaurus, T-Rex cub, Triceratops, Ouranosaurus, Spinosaurus, Parasaurolophus, pair of Pachycephalosaurs, Carnotaurus, Amargosaurus and Apatassaurus Rider and a dinosaur egg. Each replica has specific sounds and movements making the audience’s experience even more surprising and realistic.


The exhibition was already present and attracted thousands of families at Balneário Shopping, in Balneário Camboriú; Continente Shopping, in Greater Florianópolis; and at Nações Shopping, in Criciúma.



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Jurassic World Exhibition

When: Opens on January 20, visits from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 10pm.

Sundays and holidays, from 2pm to 8pm. Until February 26

Price: Free entry