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“Continente Shopping” mall plans musicals, Boi-de-Mamão (“Papaya Ox”) traditional play and activities for the week

Greater Florianopolis metropolitan area is one of the main technological poles in Brazil. The tourism and retail industries also have a strong presence there. Continente Shopping is located precisely in this area in the city of São José, right next to the capital city of Florianopolis. In order to celebrate the city’s anniversary, Continente Shopping has assembled a special program full with activities and entertainment for the children and families alike.

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On March 19th, the city celebrates the 270th anniversary of its founding. The attractions however start earlier next Saturday, the 14th and they include marvelous musicals, and some celebration of our historical and cultural heritage (with the Boi-de-Mamão and workshops for the children). On the first day there shall be a crown making workshop and the Princesses Musical. On Sunday, the 15th, a plasticine workshop will take place as well as a Peter Pan storytelling activity – those will be plenty of fun for the kids.

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On the 19th (a public holiday in the city), Continent will promote a celebration of our historic and cultural legacy with the theatrical staging of the Boi-de-Mamão story. Then, the Enchanted Forest musical will tell the story of a happy girl and her adventures with her friend, a bear, with whom she lives. Next Saturday (21st), there will be a paper toy workshop for the children and on Sunday (the 22nd), all families will be able to enjoy the spectacle “An adventure on the high seas”. This spectacle tells the story of the little shark who has become an internet phenomenon.