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6 tips to save money when buying school supplies

In the beginning of the year there are many bills and taxes to be paid. School supplies enter the list and require organization from parents and guardians. According to Abfiae (Brazilian Association of Manufacturers and Importers of School Items), on this back to school, items should be, on average, 8% more expensive than in 2019. Even with the increase, it is possible to save or less maintain the same prices as last year. We have separated 6 tips so that you can also save time and be able to shop in one place, the mall.


  1. Always search 

No need to run from one side to the other to research prices practiced in most stores selling school supplies. In Almeida Junior malls we have large chains, such as Kalunga, Livrarias Catarinense, Lojas Americanas and Havan. Searching in one place, you save time and fuel, in addition to not having to worry about the safety of being in a fresh and indoor environment.


  1. Make lists and follow them

Organization never hurts. Make a list of items requested by the school and write down everything. With your cell phone in hand, you can use a Google spreadsheet, for example, to compare prices, do the math and not to miss anything. Be aware of the abuse of orders made by educational institutions: what is for collective use – such as toilet paper, paper towels, printer toner and office supplies – cannot be ordered.


  1. You get what you pay for

Certainly, choosing the most affordable product seems the best option at first. However, assess the quality. Will the backpack really last the whole year? If the material is bad, you will need to spend extra to replace the product. The malls have specialized stores, such as Baggagio, Le Postiche, BSM, Kipling, among others, that may have that option you are looking for.



  1. Shop by yourself

The school holiday season is a lot of fun for the kids as well as parents or guardians. However, at this time of shopping, the best thing is to do it without the kids. For this, the malls offer several leisure options for the kids. While you are busy with the list, the child has fun. This way, you do not take the risk of taking that unnecessary item or pay twice for a product of a certain character or brand due to the child’s insistence.


  1. Buy together

Talk to other parents of children who are in the same school as yours. Despite the chains following price lists, large purchases always have greater bargaining power. For example: at Kalunga, discounts are progressive for notebooks. Depending on the quantity purchased, the amount deducted may reach 20%.


  1. Reuse or donate

If any item is in good condition, reuse or donate. Before you go out shopping for backpacks, textbooks, diaries, pens and pencils, check what can be reused. Talk to the children about this attitude and remember that other families may be in need. In this way, everyone wins, either economically or a lesson in citizenship.