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Almeida Junior brings German Quiroga and Flávia Altheman to marketplace project

Almeida Junior, the largest shopping center chain in the South of Brazil, has just brought two big names that will lead the company’s digital transformation: Flávia Altheman and German Quiroga. The two took on the challenge of implementing the marketplace of the company’s six malls on a single platform. It will be the first corporate marketplace project in Brazil in the shopping center segment.

Flávia Altheman is the new CDO (Chief Digital Officer) of Almeida Junior. After working as a senior executive at Via Varejo for 11 years, she also adds years of professional experience in the fashion market, user experience, technology and financial services, having worked for Santander, Track&Field and a fintech in Boston (Airfox).

Recognized as one of the e-commerce gurus in Brazil, German Quiroga arrives as advisor of Almeida Junior’s project. Quiroga helped build B2W, was CEO of Nova Pontocom and the French group Cnova, which controls the e-commerces of CasasBahia and PontoFrio. He has also acted as a counselor at Locaweb, C&A, Centauro, Cobasi and GOL Linhas Aéreas.

Today, he is a partner of Omni55 – a company specialized in omnichannel solutions. With this expertise, he will act directly in the project of digital transformation alongside Flavia and the CEO of Almeida Junior, Jaimes Almeida Junior, to have the marketplace running until September.

Almeida Junior has a 71% market share in Santa Catarina, with six malls in the cities of Blumenau, Balneário Camboriú, Joinville, São José and Criciúma. The marketplace will integrate all the malls on the same platform.